The Pyramid Of Shadows

In centuries past, a tiefling wizard named Karavakos made a fatal bargain. The twin threats of monsters of the wild and rebellion from within threatened his iron grip over the lands of his petty kingdom. In desperation, Karavakos summoned a devil and asked for aid. A legion of infernal soldiers came to march under his command, and he stepped up his efforts to restore order—and a harsh justice—to his domain.

The legion of devils came at a very reasonable price. They would fight on his behalf and obey his orders without question. If he ever led them to defeat, however, they would abandon him and he would be cast into eternal captivity. Only an error made by the wizard could result in the devils’ defeat—no army in the world could defeat them on the field of battle.

Karavakos led his legions on one conquest after another. What had been a small kingdom grew into a mighty nation to rival the great human empire of Nerath that held sway over much of the land at this time. With winter’s arrival, Karavakos called a halt to his campaign of expansion. He returned to his palace with the eladrin princess, Vyrellis, who was to be his bride. Together, he proclaimed, they would rule a new empire, and with spring’s dawning his armies would march into the Feywild, extending their rule across two worlds.

When spring came, the devil armies marched through the thin border between worlds. In the Feywild, though, the devils met their match. Invincible on the battlefields of the natural world, the devils had no such protection once they stepped into the Feywild. Fey spears and arrows felled the legions, putting an end to Karavakos’s dreams of conquest—and severing his diabolic bargain. Karavakos was imprisoned in the Pyramid of Shadows, his eladrin princess at his side.

The Pyramid of Shadows is one of many infernal prisons created to confine powerful beings. Just like a prism splits light into its component colors, the pyramid split Karavakos’s life force into free-willed splinters, each one containing a fragment of his power. With his power spread among various splinters, Karavakos couldn’t hope to break free from the prison. Enraged, he lashed out at the only person he could blame for his failure—Vyrellis, who he claimed tempted him into his ill-fated attack on the Feywild. He cut Vyrellis’s head from her shoulders and threw it into the charnel pit at the heart of the pyramid. But Vyrellis didn’t die. Her life energy, too, was splintered upon her arrival in the pyramid. Her splinters are not animate, but have instead been imbued into gemstones and an orb spread throughout the pyramid.

The Pyramid Of Shadows

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