History: Winterhaven was settled by order of the Nerath empire through a land grant to Alfor Padraig. Alfor chose to build his colony at the feet of the Cairngorns, where the ancient King’s Road turns south crossing an even more ancient pass through the Cairngorn Peaks. This pass runs between the peaks and Lake Wintermist, leading to The Stonemarches. Alfor chose this location hoping to capitalize on goods passing along King’s Road and opening a trade route to The Stonemarches. Luckily for the Padraig family, Winterhaven was never able to amass the kind of wealth found in Fallcrest and other Nentir settlements, so it was mostly ignored during the Bloodspear War. During their assault, The Bloodspears did not follow the pass to King’s Road, preferring to march directly through the Gardbury Downs to the ruins of Gardbury Abbey and beyond.

Population: 977. The populations of Winterhaven is predominantly human, with a scattering of dwarf families, and a handful of individuals of other common races, including elves.

Government: The human Ernest Padraig is the Lord of Winterhaven. He is descended from a noble family that ruled the area under the edict of the old empire. He commands the Winterhaven Regulars.

Defense: The Winterhaven Regulars is a core group of ten soldiers who perform guard and police funtions in and around the walled portion of the village. The Lord of Winterhaven has authority to muster a militia for the direct defense of the village, given one day’s notice.

Inns: Wrafton’s Inn.

Taverns: Wrafton’s Inn.

Supplies: Market Square; Coalstriker’s Smithy; Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe.

Temples: Winterhaven Temple (Avandra).


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